Nintendo Switch Players Pitch N64 control mapping for online expansion

2021-11-24 05:38:24 By : Mr. Gavin Song

Nintendo players asked Nintendo to implement Nintendo 64 controller button mapping for the recent Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack.

Disappointed that the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack does not allow button mapping, Nintendo players asked to be able to map the controls of the old Nintendo 64 game to the Switch. This is yet another criticism of the recently released Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, which has received negative reactions since its release.

The initial reaction to the pricing of the NSO expansion pack was negative. The announcement trailer received thousands of dislikes, and social media had the same reaction. The service, originally priced at $20 a year, has been criticized for the quality of the service and the dripping of classic games, but the $50 a year price of the expansion pack has shocked many players. The reason for the price tag is presumably due to the licensing cost of the Sega Genesis game, but regardless of the reason, the price tag is difficult to sell for many players.

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Even after the full release of the expansion pack, there are more and more cracks in the quality of service. Twitter user Shiori_Ishimaru pointed out that the button layout on joy-cons does not only match the layout of the Nintendo 64 controller. The layout is also not customizable. The main difference in button layout is most obvious on the C button and the A and B buttons on the Joy-con. This has led players to be able to customize the button layout so that the player can choose a button mapping suitable for any player.

Based on the Nintendo 64 controller layout, the layout should be as follows: Y on Switch is B on 64. B on Switch is A on 64 X on Switch is C-Pad Left on 64 A on Switch is C-Pad Down on 64.

Another criticism of the NSO expansion pack is the apparent input delay of some Nintendo 64 games. The delays displayed by various Twitter users range from a few milliseconds to unplayable at worst. Given the high price tag of the service, many people believe that this is not the type of quality expected from a service that costs $50 a year. What is even more strange is that although Super Mario 64 can be used on Switch through Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the version simulated by NSO lags more seriously.

All these criticisms paint a darker picture of the service that has caused controversy. Switch has allowed the button mapping of Joy-cons and pro controllers, so when the button layout does not match the controller, the Nintendo 64 control scheme without button mapping may make playing Nintendo 64 games a struggle for some players. Fix these problems The possibility of either is currently unclear, but the ability to add custom button layouts will greatly help enhance the Nintendo Switch Online experience when playing classic games.

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