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2021-11-24 05:38:17 By : Ms. Shebe Zhong

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Change the button mapping on the Nintendo Switch controller and save or load presets so that each game fits your gaming style.

Nintendo Switch allows users to remap buttons on Joy-Con and Pro controllers. This is useful if you have a variety of games that you like to play and do not necessarily like the settings of the default controls. Not only can you change the button mapping on the Nintendo Switch, but you can also save and load preset button mappings to quickly switch between games.

Changing the button mapping or remapping buttons on the Nintendo Switch is a fairly simple process. The only trouble is deciding what each button should do. To remap the buttons, follow these steps:

At this point, you can also save this new button mapping as a preset. This is useful if you are playing multiple games and each game requires a slightly different controller layout. One reason to use it is if you want to play N64 games with friends and are not used to the button layout.

After completing the button remapping, return to the "Button Mapping" screen and select "Save as Preset Mapping" to save the new layout. You can return to this page later and choose to load preset mappings to see all the mappings you have saved for a specific controller.

Changing the button mapping on the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a useful feature that players want to use. Make sure to save the remaps so that you can load them as presets. This is helpful if you are playing some of the many Nintendo 64 games and don't want to remap the buttons every time. Check out the Nintendo support page for more information about button mapping and save/load preset button mapping, and the Shacknews Nintendo Switch page for more useful guides and latest news.

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