MultiVersus: How to Play as Rick – Moves, Strategies, and Perks

2022-10-01 21:16:06 By : Mr. Emma Jia

The infamous scientist Rick Sanchez has joined the battle alongside Morty. The grandfather has many gadgets at his disposal, so you’ll need to master each one to get the upper hand on your opponent. Thankfully, we have the best tips for you to succeed as Rick in MultiVersus.

The first attack that Rick can utilize is firing his gun. Similar to Fox in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can rapidly fire his weapon by pressing the X button (square on PlayStation) repeatedly. Each laser will cause 1 damage, but each shot hits in a blink of an eye. Unlike Fox, however, the laser can be charged for a larger impact; you’ll cause around five points of damage and a little knockback (keep in mind this will never ring someone out, even at 150%).

Sideways and X (square) unleashes a combo attack. He uses his plasma swords to strike the enemy three times and then fires a rocket, which arcs downward once released. If you manage to hit the full combo, it will take a massive 18% of damage from your foe. The knockback after the rocket can cause a mediocre amount of knockback; it’s unreliable to finish off your opponent.

A move that is way more reliable is his belt attack which can be activated with sideways and X (square) while in the air. It’s one of his best knockback tools, a quick and unpredictable attack. It causes around 8% of damage, but it is very effective when used after Rick’s jet boots attack (down + X/square) from the air.

Speaking of which, down and X (square) performs two different actions. On the ground, you can release a fart bomb that deals 5% of the damage. This move flings your opponent up and could potentially set up an aerial combo for you or another player. Like Rick’s belt attack, it can be utilized fast if a foe is standing close and personal.

The other down and X (square) move is in the air. Rick utilizes his jet boots to attack those from below. It can be used as an effective spike and, as we mentioned, can be combined with the belt attack for a devastating finisher. It will also ignite your opposing player. This does around 15% of damage with the ignite effect in play. The jet boots are also one of Rick’s best knockback tools.

Up and X (square) has Rick unleashing a plasma whip. It acts as a cool uppercut when tapped and dishes out 8%. However, when it’s held, the weapon charges up and causes 9% of damage. This move doesn’t cause much knockback, but similarly to the fart bomb, it can lead to a possibility of an aerial combo.

Up and X (square) in the air is when it gets more interesting. Rick pulls up a mega seed, which can reduce an ally’s cooldown for moves. However, if the seed hits a foe, they’ll receive a silenced debuff, which stops them from using cooldown-based abilities for a limited time. While playing Rick, we recommend that you spot if your opponent is over-relying on a particular attack; if that’s the case, use the mega seed to give them trouble. This move deals out 5% of the damage.

Believe it or not, Rick has even more gadgets under his lab coat. Pressing Y (triangle on PlayStation) summons a Mr. Meeseeks. Inputting forward while holding Y makes the monster charge at your opponent with its fists. If your little guy makes an impact, it will cause 7% of damage and a decent amount of knockback. Holding up will cause the blue monster to do a Shoryuken-like uppercut. Lastly, going down with the analog stick will have Mr. Meeseeks swing a golf club on the spot. The golf club is the worst of the three, as it takes a long time for the creature to swing, and the knockback is terrible.

Sideways and Y (triangle) will summon Rick’s trusty portal. You can make up to two, and this will let you transport between each spot. If allies dodge into it, they can move through it. If there is only one portal, an ally can still utilize it and appear next to Rick. This ability could be a great getaway tool if your friend is getting knocked left and right in a combo.

You can also push foes into portals; you can use a tactic with the portals where you can make one appear on the outer edges of the stage. While the portal gun is in cooldown mode, Rick will instead charge his opponents on his rocket skis, which in and of themselves have decent knockback potential.

Up and Y (triangle) has Rick flying up with his jetpack. This is a decent recovery tool and can be charged for a deeper effect. If a foe is directly under it, it will cause 13-15% of damage and can knock out an opponent if they have a high percentage.

Last and definitely not least is Rick’s Polymorphrick Ray. From this gun comes a round projectile that will explode after a few seconds. If your rivals are within its grasp, they will change to a tiny toy-like Reindog doll. They’re unable to move and receive more damage while in this form, so make the most of this new form they take. But that’s not all! The Polymorphrick Ray also enlarges allies like a Super Mushroom in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Their damage and projectiles increase in stats and size while in this state.

This bonkers Adult Swim character mainly focuses on projectiles with lasers, fart bombs, and the Polymorphrick Ray. Henceforth, you should equip perks that would increase their effectiveness. We recommend the following:

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