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This tutorial is about how to fix the "AirPods can't switch between Mac and iPhone" problem. We will do our best to make you understand this guide. I hope you like this blog how to fix the "AirPods can't switch between Mac and iPhone" problem. If your answer is yes, then please share after reading this article. Check how to fix the "AirPods can't switch between Mac and iPhone" problem. Make sure your AirPods are compatible as follows: Update system software Update system software on iPhone and iPad Update system software on Mac Make sure you are using the same Apple ID Check Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad Check the Apple ID on your Mac. Enable automatic audio switching. Enable automatic audio switching on iPhone and iPad. Enable automatic audio switching on Mac. Update the firmware of AirPods. Restart AirPods. Final words: How to fix "AirPods are not there" Switching between" Mac and iPhone issues

AirPods Pro automatic switching is not working is a common problem faced by iPhone and iPad users when trying to pair AirPods with multiple iOS devices. The automatic switching function of AirPods Pro may cause this problem for different reasons, so there is no universal solution.

IOS 14 released in September brings several nice enhancements and new features to iPhone and iPad, many of which are focused on improving the functionality of users AirPods and AirPods Pro. These enhancements and new features include battery notifications, spatial audio, headset adaptation and automatic device switching, all of which make the AirPods / AirPods Pro experience more enjoyable and simplified.

Except for the original first-generation AirPods, all AirPods models support automatic audio switching. If you are not sure which type of AirPods you are using (the first and second generation AirPods look the same), you can identify them by the model number.

If you see A2031 or a newer model, your AirPods support automatic audio switching. In this case, please proceed with the remaining repairs.

Your AirPods will only automatically turn on devices with at least iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur 11 or later. Therefore, next, you need to check the system software version on each iPad, iPhone, and Mac you have, and update if necessary.

Even if you have installed the latest major update, it is best to apply the available incremental system software updates. This should fix any known bugs or issues that prevent AirPods from automatically switching between devices.

On iPhone or iPad, go to "Settings"> "General"> "About". You should see the current iOS or iPadOS version on your device next to the software version.

If you are using iOS 13 or earlier, please return to the previous screen and tap "Software Update". As long as your iPhone or iPad is compatible with iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 or later, you will see the option to update the system software here.

Open the Apple menu and select About This Mac to identify the version of macOS installed on your Mac. If you are still using macOS 10.15 Catalina or earlier, please open the Apple menu and go to "System Preferences"> "Software Update" to update your Mac to at least macOS 11 Big Sur.

To use the AirPods automatic switching function, you need to log in with the same Apple ID on all Apple devices. Otherwise, your AirPods will not automatically switch between them.

To confirm that you have the same Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad, open "Settings" and click on your profile portrait at the top of the list. You will see your Apple ID at the top of the next screen.

If necessary, please use the "Logout" option to log out and log in with the same Apple ID as other devices. We have shown how to reset your Apple ID password if necessary.

On your Mac, open the "System Preferences" app and select Apple ID. If you see a different Apple ID than expected, please switch to the "Overview" tab and use the "Logout" option to log out of the device.

Then log in again using the correct Apple ID you used elsewhere.

Each of your Apple devices has specific settings that allow your AirPods to switch to them automatically. Make sure it is enabled on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac you own.

If your AirPods are not switching between Apple devices running firmware version 3A283 or later, they will not be able to switch. Usually this is not something you need to worry about, because your AirPods will update themselves to the latest firmware.

However, if you have just started using a new pair of AirPods, you need to check whether they are the latest:

If you see an outdated version number (you can check the latest firmware version on the AirPods Wikipedia page), you need to install the latest firmware on the AirPods. Although there is no option to do this manually, you can "push" your AirPods to update the firmware.

If none of the above fixes helped, then it's time to reset your AirPods. Usually this should solve common AirPods issues that prevent them from working properly. Please note that this will reset your settings, which shouldn’t take long to change back.

Here is how to reset AirPods:

You don't have to reconnect AirPods to each of your Apple devices, as they should be automatically paired with your Apple ID.

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